Seafood Paella

Seafood paella is a kind of paella dish that you can find in Spanish. This dish use seafood as another alternative of paella. Mostly, paella will use meat and beans. But Valencias choose to used seafood to make paella. These days, not only Valencias that used seafood inside their paella. People outside Valencias also use seafood inside their paella. Inside the Seafood paella recipes, the seafood will be served in the shell. And there is also a variant where the seafood doesn’t use any shell.

It is not hard for people to make Seafood paella. You can also try to make your own Seafood paella. You will easly find the ingredients in any kind of market. And you will need to buy several seafoods to make the Seafood paella. You will need to make the broth first, then you can add the spices and don’t forget about the seafood.

Pulpo A La Gallega

If you have time to visit Spanish, maybe you need to visit a restaurant in spanish that sell Pulpo a la gallega. This is a kind of dish that you can find in Spanish. You can get the Pulpo a la gallega as your main dish. There is an octopus inside the Pulpo a la gallega that you maybe like. Because of the delicious taste, many people would like to come to Spanish just to try Pulpo a la gallega.

If you want to make your own Pulpo a la gallega in your house, you are able to make it since there is no complicated method to make the Pulpo a la gallega. You will able to easily find the ingredient that needed to make the Pulpo a la gallega. And you will also need a large size of octopus since it is the main ingredient of this dish.

Churros Con Chocolate

Who doesn’t know a kind of snack named Churros Con Chocolate. Churros is a kind of pastry. It is usually made from a fried dough. There are many ways that people can do to enjoy their churros. Churros Con Chocolate is one kind of churros that people can try as their snack. Churros is a popular snack these days. Many people would like to choose churros as their snack when they want to watch some movies or just enjoy their time with their family.

Many places these days that put Churros Con Chocolate inside their menu. This is because it is quite easy for them to make churros. Some places will serve churros along with several dipped that you can choose. You can dipped the churros to some chocolate paste or some nutella paste. You can also dipped your churros in any kind of jams that you like.